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Where: Grand Central
When: 12:00-1:00PM, Wednesdays
Schedule: WunchSpeakerSchedule

Spring Wunch
In the spring, Wunch consists of a seminar/discussion series in which speakers from around the Princeton area present a short (30 minute) talk, followed by a 30 minute discussion period with the students. The seminar is closed to non-student members of the department, and is meant to familiarize the students with the work being done in and around Princeton, and to connect students to possible mentors in new research areas. Lunch is provided by the department.

If you would like to present at Wunch, please contact: Ronan Hix, Caleb Lammers, and Miguel Montalvo

Fall Wunch
In the fall, Wunch serves as a discussion period between the graduate students and week’s colloquium speaker. The discussion is largely informal, and meant to encourage discussion concerning both the speaker’s research and their academic growth and history. Lunch is provided by the department.