John Swinbank

John Swinbank
  • Visiting Professional Specialist
Email: jds AT
Office: Offsite

Jamey Szalay

jamey szalay
  • Associate Research Scholar
Email: jszalay AT
Office: 127 Peyton Hall

Jason Tenbarge

Jason Tenbarge
  • Associate Research Scholar
Email: tenbarge AT
Office: 209 Peyton Hall (Fridays)

Ben Thorne

Ben Thorne
  • Graduate Student, Visiting from Oxford
Email: bthorne AT
Office: 005 Peyton Hall

Yuan-Sen Ting

yaun-sen ting
  • Carnegie-Princeton Postdoctoral Fellow
Email: yting AT
Office: 023B Peyton Hall

Scott D. Tremaine

  • Emeritus Charles A. Young Professor of Astronomy
  • Emeritus Professor of Astrophysical Sciences
Phone: 609-734-8191
Email: tremaine AT

Vassilis Tsiolis

Vassilis Tsiolis
  • Graduate Student 2022
Email: vtsiolis AT
Office: Peyton Hall 032

Edwin L. Turner

Edwin A. Turner
  • Professor of Astrophysical Sciences
  • Director, Council for International Teaching & Research
Phone: 609-258-3577
Email: elt AT
Office: 208 Peyton Hall

Jacob Tyles

Jacob Tyles
  • Undergraduate Student 2019
Email: jtyles AT
Office: Peyton Hall

Robert Vanderbei

Robert Vanderbei
  • Professor of Operations Research and Financial Engineering
Phone: 609-258-2345
Email: rvdb AT
Office: 106 Sherrerd