The following visitors will be arriving next week:

Oct. 14 (mon) thru Oct. 16 (wed) Special Talk Speaker
·      Charles Gammie, University of Illinois
       (Room 123)
       Host: Michael Strauss
Oct. 14 (mon) thru Oct. 18 (fri)  Galread Speaker
·      Ting Li, Carnegie Science
        (Room 205)
        Hosts: Michael Strauss & Jenny Greene
Oct. 14 (mon) Cosmology Speaker
·      José Manuel Zorrilla Matilla, Columbia University
        (Room 205)
        Host: Andrina Nicola
Oct. 16 (wed) PU/IAS Joint Colloquium Speaker
·      Matthew Holman, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
        (Room 105)
        Hosts:  Josh Winn/Dan Tamayo
Oct. 16 (wed) thru Oct.19 (thurs) SIFR Speaker  
·      Hui Li, MIT
        (Room 102)
        Host: Philip Mocz
Oct. 17 (thur) Thunch Speaker
·       Anowar Shajib, University of California, Los Angeles
         (Room 105A)

If you have a visitor coming who we may not already know about, please let staff@astro know.