The following visitor will be visiting us - the week of  Sept 24:


Sept 24 (mon) thru Sept 25(tues) Galread Speaker

  • Sofia Gallego, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

         (Room 029) Host/ Renyue Cen

Sept 24 (mon) thru Sept 28 (fri) Extrasolar Planet Speaker

  • Matteo Nori, University of Bologna,Italy

         (Room 029) Host/ Philip Mocz

Sept 25 (tues) thru Sept 26 (wed) PU/IAS Joint Colloquium Speaker

  • Carolyn Porco, UC Berkeley

         (Room 105A) Hosts/ Jim Gunn & Sean Johnson

Sept 26 (wed) PU/IAS Joint Colloquium Speaker

  • Raphael Flauger, UC San Diego

         (Room 105A) Hosts/ Bruce Draine & Mat Madhavacheril  


If you have a visitor coming who we may not already know about, please let staff@astro know.