The following visitor will be visiting us - the week of  Feb. 19:

Feb. 19 (mon) Exoplanet Speaker

  • Aparna Bhattacharya from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

         (Room 29) Host/Joel Hartman


Feb. 19 (mon) thru Feb.21 (wed)  

  • Masafusa Onoue from National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

         (Room 105A) Host/Michael Strauss


Feb. 19 (mon) thru Feb.23 (fri) Princeton/IAS Colloquium Speaker

  • Benjamin Chandran from University of New Hampshire

         (Room 103A) Hosts/Matt Kunz & Silvio Sergio Cerri


Feb. 20 (tues)

  • Nuno Loureiro from MIT

         (Room 105A) Host/Jason TenBarge


Feb. 23 (fri) Astroplasmas Speaker

  • Joonas Nättilä from KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Stockholm University

         (Room 105A) Host/Yajie Yuan

If you have a visitor coming about whom we may not already know, please let know.  Thank you!