Mitchell Shen

Associate Research Scholar
171 Broadmead, 105A

Mitchell Shen is a scientist interested in space plasma, cosmic dust, energetic particles, and heliospheric physics. His Ph.D. dissertation focused on dust detection by electric field antenna instruments using modeling and laboratory measurements. He developed an electrostatic model that can better interpret waveform signals upon dust impacts for characterizing dust distributions and populations in the solar system. His master thesis developed an electron cyclotron resonance ion thruster from scratch in Taiwan. Before entering the doctoral program, he further extended his interest to space weather research (Earth magnetosphere-ionosphere-thermosphere coupling). At Princeton, he focuses on (1) development and calibration of SWAPI & IMAP-Lo instruments in the IMAP mission, (2) energetic particle and dust study using the IS☉IS instrument onboard Parker Solar Probe, and (3) dust environment near Jupiter using Juno/Waves data.