Eliot Quataert

Professor of Astrophysical Sciences; Charles A. Young Professor of Astronomy on the Class of 1897 Foundation
127 Peyton

I am a Professor of Astrophysical Sciences and the Charles A. Young Professor of Astronomy at Princeton University. I am an astrophysics theorist who works on a wide range of problems, including stars and black holes, accretion theory, plasma astrophysics, and how galaxies form. My research utilizes both analytic calculations and numerical simulations. I also enjoy teaching both undergraduate and graduate classes and giving non-technical talks to the public on topics such as black holes, neutron star mergers, and galaxy formation.

I received my undergraduate degree at MIT, my PhD from Harvard, and was a postdoc at the Institute for Advanced Study. I then joined the faculty at UC Berkeley where I was until moving to Princeton in 2020.