Jo Dunkley, Professor of Physics and Astrophysical Sciences at Princeton Authors Book, ‘Our Universe: An Astronomer’s Guide’

Sunday, Apr 14, 2019
by Department of Astrophysical Sciences

An article appearing on Princeton University’s news homepage highlights Jo Dunkley’s book, ‘Our Universe, An Astronomer’s Guide’ that was recently published by the Harvard University Press. Professor Dunkley’s book explains the science of the universe in understandable terms and aims to appeal to a general audience. In 2008, when she was a post-doc at Princeton, she credits David Spergel, then Chair of Astrophysical Sciences, with encouraging her to co-teach a teacher enrichment class in astronomy. Many of the ideas for simplifying the concepts in the book originated as a result of what she learned teaching this class. Additional Princeton faculty members who were instrumental in lending support for the book include  Michael Strauss,  Josh Winn and  Neta Bahcall.

Jo Dunkley's Helpers

(L-R) Luke Bouma, Goni Halevi, Christina Kreisch, Lachlan Lancaster, David Vartanyan, Brianna Lacy

Professor Dunkley gratefully acknowledges the valuable input from past and present graduate students in the Department of Astrophysical Sciences who helped research and fact check information. They include:  Goni Halevi,  Brianna Lacy,  Luke Bouma,  Johnny Greco, Qiana Hunt, Louis Johnson,  Christina Kreisch,  Lachlan Lancaster and  David Vartanyan

The full news article can be read here.