Four Undergraduate Astrophysics Majors Win Awards at American Astronomical Society Meeting

March 16, 2023

Junior Jupiter Ding was awarded the Chambliss Astronomy Achievement Award for his work presented at this winter’s American Astronomical Society meeting in Seattle.  His work was titled “Miscentering of Optical Galaxy Clusters Based on Sunyaev-Zeldovich Counterparts” and his research was with Michael Strauss and Roohi Dalal.  Seniors Daisy Bissonette and Nicole Gountanis and Junior Wolf Cukier are all Honorable Mention recipients of the Chambliss Astronomy Achievement Award.  Daisy’s poster was titled "Star Formation Efficiency in Superthin Galaxies” and her research was with Jenny Green.  Nicole presented her junior paper titled "The Stellar-Fraction in Clusters of Galaxies:  Are Clusters Inefficient in Star Formation?” Her research was with Neta Bahcall.  Wolf’s presentation was titled "Formation, Structure, and Detectability of the Geminids Meteoroid Stream” and his research was with Jamey Szalay.   

Congratulations Daisy, Nicole, Wolf, and Jupiter!

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