Eliot Quataert and Collaborators Provide New Insights into How Black Holes Lose Energy

Nov. 20, 2023

Eliot Quataert, Princeton’s Charles A. Young Professor of Astronomy, and a team including other current and former Princetonians have provided new evidence for energy leaving the region close to the event horizon of the black hole M87* observed by the Event Horizon Telescope.   Quataert explains: A black hole “ can rotate, and just like a spinning top slows down over time and loses that energy in its rotation, a rotating black hole can also lose energy to its surroundings.”   Former Princeton postdoc Alexandru Lupsasca explained that the energy outflow coming out of the black hole M87* is believed to produce jets that “are basically like million-light-year-long Jedi lightsabers.”

Amazing work, Eliot and team!

To read more, visit the Princeton website.


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