Department Members Featured in Research at Princeton Magazine

Dec. 28, 2023

The latest issue of Discovery, the yearly magazine from the Dean of Research at Princeton University, features two articles about astrophysics and members of the Astrophysical Sciences department.  The first is a feature about Wolf Cukier, a senior in the department, titled: Bright Mind: Wolf Cukier discovers planets, demystifies a meteor shower, and marvels at the universe.  Learn more about Cukier’s story here.

The second article, Early light: A major new telescope project brings physicist Suzanne Staggs’s research on the origins of the universe into sharp focus, highlights the construction of the Simons Observatory in the Atacama Desert in Chile and Suzanne Staggs, Henry DeWolf Smyth Professor of Physics and Associated Faculty in Astrophysical Sciences. Staggs is the co-director of the Simons Observatory and is overseeing groups of global collaborators who are asking some of the biggest questions, including those about the birth of the universe, using measurements of the Cosmic Microwave Background!  Learn more about Staggs’ work here.

Congratulations, Wolf and Suzanne!

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