Galread Archive - Fall 2018

Fall 2018

Date Speaker   Title Article Link
9/10/18 Renbin Yan (Kentucky) Why do many early-type galaxies lack emission lines? I. Fossil clues
9/17/18 Lia Sartori (ETH-Zurich) A model for AGN Variability on multiple timescales
9/24/18 Sofia Gallego (ETH-Zurich) Stacking the Cosmic Web in fluorescent Ly α emission with MUSE
10/1/18 Angelo Ricarte (Yale) The Observational Signatures of Supermassive Black Hole Seeds
[special event - Dome Room]
Becky Nevin (Colorado)
Hugo Pfister (IAP)
The Birth of a Supermassive Black hole binary
10/15/18 Yuan-Sen Ting (IAS) The vertical motion history of disk stars throughout the Galaxy
10/22/18 Todd Thompson (OSU) An origin for multiphase gas in galactic winds and haloes
10/29/18 Kartheik Iyer (Rutgers) The SFR-M* Correlation Extends to low mass at high redshift
11/05/18 Peter Melchior (Princeton) SCARLET: Source separation in multi-band images by Constrained Matrix Factorization
11/12/18 Meng Gu (Harvard) Coordinated Assembly of Brightest Cluster Galaxies
11/19/18 Nicha Leethochawalit (CalTech) Evolution of the Stellar Mass-Metallicity Relation. I. Galaxies in the z ˜ 0.4 Cluster Cl0024
11/26/18 Fakhri Zahedy (UChicago) Characterizing Circumgalactic Gas around Massive Ellipticals at z~0.4: Physical Properties and Elemental Abundances
12/3/18 John Wu (Rutgers) Using convolutional neural networks to predict galaxy metallicity from three-color images
12/10/18 Tjitske Starkenburg (CCA) What Is Inside Matters: Simulated Green Valley Galaxies Have Centrally Concentrated Star Formation
12/17/18 Xin Wang (UCLA) Discovery of Strongly Inverted Metallicity Gradients in Dwarf Galaxies at z∼2