About Thunch

The goal of the Thunch seminar is to encourage the scientific interaction of the Princeton Astrophysics community. In addition, it should give everybody (students and postdocs in particular) a chance to present their research without having to travel hundreds of miles to another institution. Potential visiting speakers may contact the Thunch Czars to request a talk.

The talks are held virtually on Thursdays at 12:15 pm. They are rather informal, so leave time for questions throughout. Please try to keep your talk to about 50 minutes, including questions.

Most importantly, attendees are supposed to eat lunch throughout the talk!  To honor tradition, you may wish to pick up a hoagie from Hoagie Haven.

Please send the title and abstract of your talk a week prior to the Thunch Czars.

A few rules apply:

  • Priority goes to those who have not given a talk recently, and to postdocs and graduate students.
  • Visiting speakers must be explicitly invited by our department
  • There is, unfortunately, no money in Thunch to pay for travel, so visitors need another source of funding.

You now know everything about Thunch! So, go grab an empty slot for your chance to give a Thunch Talk this semester, and plan to join the group to learn about the fascinating research being done right next door!

If you have any questions/feedback/problems, do not hesitate to contact us.