SFIR: Star Formation/ISM Rendezvous

 Peyton night image from Lewis Library 

When:  Wednesdays
Time:   11am-Noon
Where: Peyton Hall Dome Room (201)

SFIR (pronounced “sapphire”) is the Star Formation/ISM Rendezvous, a seminar covering research on all aspects of star formation and the interstellar medium in both the Milky Way and external galaxies.  SFIR is open to all interested members of the Princeton+IAS astrophysics community, as well as visitors from other departments.    

Members of the department (students, postdocs, and faculty) and visitors present research talks, at varying levels of formality, allowing for extensive discussion.   Contributions may also include journal-club style presentations and other updates and discussions.

Organizers for 2018 are  Philip Mocz <pmocz AT astro.princeton.edu> and Eve Ostriker <eco AT astro.princeton.edu>.   

The current speaker list for this semester is below and at this link, which also includes archives.


Date Speaker   Title Link
09/12/18 SFIR - Kirill Tchernyshyov (JHU) The spatially resolved velocity field of interstellar matter in the Milky Way and its implications for our understanding of the Milky Way’s spiral structure abstract
10/03/18 SFIR - Juan Diego Soler (MPIA) One or two tricks from machine vision applied to the study of molecular cloud formation abstract
10/10/18 SFIR - Mike Grudić (Caltech) Understanding the role of stellar feedback in star cluster formation abstract
10/17/18 SFIR - Vadim Semenov (U. Chicago) How galaxies form stars abstract
10/24/18 SFIR - Isha Nayak (JHU) Star Formation in the Large Magellanic Cloud – Using ALMA to Prepare for Future JWST Observations abstract
11/14/18 SFIR - Tsang Keung (UCSD) How stellar feedback and cosmic rays shape galaxies and their halos abstract
11/28/18 Ben Wibking (OSU) The dynamical effects of radiation pressure on dust in star-forming galaxies