Galread Archive - Spring 2019

Galread Spring 2019 Archive

Date Speaker   Title Article Link
1/28/2019 Rachael Beaton (PU) The Lazy Giants: APOGEE Abundances Reveal Low Star Formation Efficiencies in the Magellanic Clouds
2/4/2019 Neven Caplar (PU) Stochastic modeling of star-formation histories I: the scatter of the star-forming main sequence
2/11/2019 Scott Carlsten (PU) Using Surface Brightness Fluctuations to Study Nearby Satellite Galaxy Systems: the Complete Satellite System of M101
2/25/2019 Ivanna Escala (Caltech) Detailed Elemental Abundances in the Stellar Halo of M31: Low-Resolution Resolved Stellar Spectroscopy
3/4/2019 Vivienne Baldassare (Yale) CANCELLED -
3/25/2019 Vivienne Baldassare (Yale) Identifying AGNs in Low-mass Galaxies via Long-term Optical Variability
4/1/2019 Andra Stroe (CfA) A 1.4 deg2 blind survey for CII], CIII] and CIV at z~0.7-1.5. I: nature, morphologies and equivalent widths
4/8/2019 Brant Robertson (UCSC) Galaxy Formation and Evolution Science in the Era of the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope n/a
4/15/2019 Sean Johnson (PU) Galaxy and Quasar Fueling Caught in the Act from the Intragroup to the Interstellar Medium
4/22/2019 Elinor Medezinski (PU) On the Assembly Bias of Cool Core Clusters Traced by Ha Nebulae
4/29/2019 Daniel Angles-Alcazar (CCA) The cosmic baryon cycle and galaxy mass assembly in the FIRE simulations