Galread Archive - Spring 2018

Spring 2018

Date Speaker   Title Article Link
1/22/18 Elinor Medezinski (Princeton) Testing the Large-Scale Environments of Cool-core and Non cool-core Clusters with Clustering Bias
1/29/18 Johnny Greco (Princeton) Canceled  
2/5/18 Sally Heap (Goddard) The CETUS UV space telescope: partner to survey telescopes of  the 2020's N/A (talk)
2/12/18 Masayuki Tanaka (NAOJ) Missing satellites outside of the local group see email
2/19/18 Masafusa Onoue (NAOJ) Studies of low luminosity quasars at z>6 based on wide-field surveys of the Subaru telescope see email
2/26/18 Johnny Greco (PU; rescheduled) Spectroscopic and photometric study of two diffuse dwarf galaxies in the field see email
3/5/18 Rachel Bezanson (UPitt) Spatially resolved stellar kinematics from LEGA-C n/a
3/12/18 Andy Goulding (PU) High redshift extremely red quasars in X-rays
3/19/18 Vasily Belokurov (Flatiron CCA) Co-formation of the Galactic disc and the stellar halo
3/26/18 Sean Johnson (PU) The Extent of Chemically Enriched Gas around Star-forming Dwarf Galaxies
4/2/18 Yuan-Sen TIng (PU) A large and pristine sample of standard candles across the Milky Way: ~100,000 red clump stars with 3% contamination
4/9/18 Kung-Yi Su (Caltech) Feedback first: the surprisingly weak effects of magnetic fields, viscosity, conduction, and metal diffusion on galaxy formation
4/16/18 Evan Schneider (PU) Production of Cool Gas in Thermally-Driven Outflows
4/30/18 Peter Melchior (PU) Deep Learning Identifies High-z Galaxies in a Central Blue Nugget Phase in a Characteristic Mass Range
5/7/18 Rachael Beaton (PU) TBA TBA
5/14/18 Erin Kado-Fong (PU) TBA TBA