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Galread Spring 2021 Speaker Schedule

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Alexa Villaume
University of Waterloo

Spatially Resolved Stellar Spectroscopy of the Ultra-diffuse Galaxy Dragonfly 44. III. Evidence for an Unexpected Star-Formation History

Ben Horowitz Princeton University

Optimal combination of cosmological probes for large scale structure reconstruction
2/1/21 Lachlan Lancaster
Princeton University
Stellar Wind Bubbles in Turbulent Clouds: A Fractal Theory Validated with Hydrodynamic Simulations TBA
2/8/21 Chandler Osborne
Indiana University Bloomington
CANDELS Meets GSWLC: Evolution of the Relationship Between Morphology and Star Formation Since z = 2
2/22/21 Yuan-Sen Ting
Institute for Advanced Study
How many elements matter?
3/1/21 Ivanna Escala
Carnegie Observatories
Chemical Abundance Properties of M31's Inner Stellar Halo from Resolved Stellar Spectroscopy 2020ApJ...902...51E
3/8/21 ChangHoon Hahn
Princeton University
The Empirical Dust Attenuation Framework — Taking Hydrodynamical Simulations with a Grain of Dust TBA

Shmuel Bialy CfA Harvard University

The far-UV Interstellar Radiation Field in Galactic Disks: Numerical and Analytic Models

Grace Telford Rutgers University

Mass-to-light Ratios of Spatially Resolved Stellar Populations in M31 2020ApJ...891...32T
3/29/21 Emily Cunningham
CCA Flatiron Institute
Quantifying the Stellar Halo's Response to the LMC's Infall with Spherical Harmonics
4/5/21 Sameer
Penn State University
Cloud-by-cloud, multiphase, Bayesian modeling: Application to four weak, low ionization absorbers

Daniel DeFelippis Columbia University

A Comparison of Circumgalactic MgII Absorption between the TNG50 Simulation and the MEGAFLOW Survey
4/19/21 Sukanya Chakrabarti
Rochester Institute of Technology
A Measurement of the Galactic Plane Mass Density from Binary Pulsar Accelerations  2021ApJ...907L..26C

Sijie (Anna) Yu University of California, Irvine

The bursty origin of the Milky Way thick disc

Joel Leja Penn State University

A New Census of the 0.2 < z < 3.0 Universe. I. The Stellar Mass Function 2020ApJ...893..111L
5/10/21 cancelled cancelled cancelled

Allison Strom Princeton University

CECILIA (Chemical Evolution Constrained using Ionized Lines in Interstellar Aurorae) project information

Meng Gu Princeton University

The Stellar Initial Mass Function in the Center of Massive Early-Type Galaxies TBA
6/7/2021 ChangHoon Hahn
Princeton University
The Probabilistic Value-Added Catalog for the DESI Bright Galaxy Survey



Charlotte Olsen Rutgers University

Star Formation Histories from SEDs and CMDs Agree: Evidence for Synchronized Star Formation in Local Volume Dwarf Galaxies over the Past 3 Gyr

Bhawna Motwani Columbia University

Insights into star formation conditions from spatially-resolved ISM properties in TNG50

Martin Rey Lund University

How cosmological merger histories shape stellar haloes
7/12/21 cancelled cancelled cancelled
8/2/21 cancelled cancelled cancelled
8/9/21 cancelled cancelled cancelled

Andreia Carrillo The University of Texas at Austin

The detailed chemical abundance patterns of accreted halo stars from the optical to infrared TBA

Enia Xhakaj University of California, Santa Cruz 

Beyond Mass: Detecting Secondary Halo Properties with Galaxy-Galaxy Lensing

Gloria Fonseca Alvarez University of Connecticut

The Sloan Digital Sky Survey Reverberation Mapping Project: The Hβ Radius-Luminosity Relation 2020ApJ...899...73F

Jaclyn Champagne The University of Texas at Austin

Comprehensive Gas Characterization of a z = 2.5 Protocluster: A Cluster Core Caught in the Beginning of Virialization?

Sarah Pearson New York University

The Hough Stream Spotter: A new Method for Detecting Linear Structure in Resolved Stars and Application to the Stellar Halo of M31

Dalya Baron Tel Aviv University

Multi-phase outflows in post starburst E+A galaxies -- I. General wind properties and the prevalence of starbursts

Antonio Porras-Valverde Vanderbilt University

Angular momentum and morphological sequence of massive galaxies through Dark Sage

Namrata Roy University of California, Santa Cruz 

Signatures of inflowing gas in red geyser galaxies hosting radio-AGN
10/25/21 Claire Ye CIERA/Northwestern University Compact Object Modeling in the Globular Cluster 47 Tucanae

Rebecca Larson The University of Texas at Austin

Searching for Islands of Reionization: A Potential Ionized Bubble Powered by a Spectroscopic Overdensity at z=8.7 TBA

Grecco Oyarzun University of California, Santa Cruz

How the stellar populations of passive central galaxies depend on stellar and halo mass TBA
11/15/21 Christopher Agostino Indiana University, Bloomington

Physical Drivers of Emission Line Diversity of SDSS Seyfert 2s and LINERs After Removal of Contributions by Star Formation

Weizhe Liu University of Maryland

Integral Field Spectroscopy of Fast Outflows in Dwarf Galaxies with AGNs 2020ApJ...905..166L
11/29/21 Anna de Graaff Leiden University The Fundamental Plane in the LEGA-C Survey: unraveling the M/L variations of massive star-forming and quiescent galaxies at z∼0.8
12/06/21 Peter Doze Rutgers University A multiwavelength approach to constraining the Merger Properties of ACT-CL J0034.4+0225 TBA