Archive Galread Fall/Spring 2020

Date Speaker   Title Article Link
1/27/2020 Sean Johnson (Princeton) Spatially-resolved UV diagnostics of AGN feedback: radiation pressure dominates in a prototypical quasar-driven super wind  
2/3/2020 Robyn Sanderson (UPenn) The Implications of Local Fluctuations in the Galactic Midplane for Dynamical Analysis in the Gaia Era 2019ApJ...883..103B
2/10/2020 Rachael Beaton (Princeton) Spectroscopy of the Young Stellar Association Price-Whelan 1: Origin in the Magellanic Leading Arm and Constraints on the Milky Way Hot Halo 2019ApJ...887..115N


2/17/2020 Lina Necib (CalTech) Evidence for a Vast Prograde Stellar Stream in the Solar Vicinity 2019arXiv190707190N
2/24/2020 Renyue Cen (Princeton) On Post-starburst Galaxies Dominating Tidal Disruption Events ApJ Paper
3/9/2020 Scott Carlsten (Princeton) Wide-Field Survey of Dwarf Satellite Systems Around 10 Hosts in the Local Volume 1909.07389
3/23/2020 Neven Caplar Remote: Observational Nonstationarity of AGN Variability: The Only Way to Go Is Down! 2020ApJ...889L..29
3/30/2020 Puragra Guhathakurta Remote: Asymmetric Drift in the Andromeda Galaxy (M31) as a Function of Stellar Age 2019ApJ...871...11
4/6/2020 Evan Schneider Remote: The Physical Nature of Starburst-Driven Galactic Outflows 2002.10468
4/13/2020 Andy Goulding Remote: The Black Hole-Galaxy Connection: Interplay Between Feedback, Obscuration, and Host Galaxy Substructure N/A
4/20/2020 Lachlan Lancaster Remote: New Insight into the stellar mass function of Galactic globular clusters 2004.02906
4/27/2020 Johnny Greco Remote: Measuring distances to low-luminosity galaxies using surface brightness fluctuations 2020arXiv200407273G
5/4/2020 Allison Strom Remote: TBA TBA
6/1/2020 Sebastian Trujillo-Gomez [Heidelberg] Remote: The kinematics of globular cluster populations in the E-MOSAICS simulations and their implications for the assembly history of the Milky Way 2020arXiv200502401T 
6/8/2020 Anna Wright [Rutgers] Remote: The Formation of Isolated Ultra-Diffuse Galaxies in Romulus25 2020arXiv200507634W 
6/15/2020 Alice Shapley [UCLA] Remote: The MOSDEF-LRIS Survey: The Interplay Between Massive Stars and Ionized  Gas in High-Redshift Star-Forming Galaxies. 10.1093/mnras/staa1410
6/22/2020 Jonathan Stern [Northwestern] Remote: Virialization of the inner CGM in the FIRE simulations and implications for galaxy discs, star formation and feedback N/A
6/29/2020 Yong Zheng [Berkeley] Remote: Figuring Out Gas & Galaxies in Enzo (FOGGIE). III. The Mocky Way: Investigating Biases in Observing the Milky Way's Circumgalactic Medium 2020arXiv200107736Z 
7/6/2020 Fangzhou Jiang [Caltech/Carnegie] Remote: SatGen: a semi-analytical satellite galaxy generator -- I. The model and its application to Local-Group satellite statistics 2020arXiv200505974J 
7/13/2020 Alex Gurvich [Northwestern] Remote: Pressure balance in the multiphase ISM of cosmologically simulated disk galaxies
7/20/2020 Chiara Mingarelli [Connecticut/CCA] Remote: Multi-Messenger Gravitational Wave Searches with Pulsar Timing Arrays: Application to 3C66B Using the NANOGrav 11-year Data Set 2020arXiv200507123A 
7/27/2020 Sebastian Kamann [Liverpool] Remote:  How stellar rotation shapes the colour-magnitude diagram of the massive intermediate-age star cluster NGC 1846 2020MNRAS.492.2177K 
8/3/2020 Rachel Bezanson [Pittsburgh] Remote: Stellar Kinematics and Environment at z ∼ 0.8 in the LEGA-C Survey: Massive Slow Rotators Are Built First in Overdense Environments 2020ApJ...890L..25C 
8/10/2020 Jakob Helton [Princeton] Remote: Discovery and origins of giant optical nebulae surrounding PKS0454-22 N/A
8/17/2020 Mariska Kriek [Berkeley] Remote: Color gradients along the quiescent galaxy sequence: clues to quenching and structural growth 2020arXiv200802817S 
8/31/2020 Mia de los Reyes [Caltech] Remote: Revisiting the Integrated Star Formation Law.  II. Starbursts and the Combined Global Schmidt Law N/A
9/14/2020 Vicente Estrada-Carpenter [Texas A&M] Remote: CLEAR II: Evidence for Early Formation of the Most Compact Quiescent Galaxies at High Redshift
9/21/2020 Shengqi Yang [NYU] Remote: An analytic model for [OIII] fine structure emission from high redshift galaxies
9/28/2020 Sebastian Gomez [Harvard] Remote: FLEET: A Redshift-Agnostic Machine Learning Pipeline to Rapidly Identify Hydrogen-Poor Superluminous Supernovae
10/05/20 Viraj Pandya [UC Santa Cruz] Remote: First results from SMAUG: The need for preventative stellar feedback and improved baryon cycling in semi-analytic models of galaxy formation
10/12/20 Harshil Kamdar [Harvard] Remote: Spatial and Kinematic Clustering of Stars in the Galactic Disk
10/19/20 Ethan Nadler [Stanford] Remote: Milky Way Satellite Census. II. Galaxy--Halo Connection Constraints Including the Impact of the Large Magellanic Cloud
10/26/20 Jiayi Sun [OSU] Remote: Dynamical Equilibrium in the Molecular ISM in 28 Nearby Star-forming Galaxies
11/02/20 Iryna Butsky [University of Washington] Remote: The Impact of Cosmic Rays on Thermal Instability in the Circumgalactic Medium
11/09/20 Wren Suess [UC Berkeley] Remote: Half-mass radii of quiescent and star-forming galaxies evolve slowly from 0<z<2.5: implications for galaxy assembly histories
11/16/20 Xihan Ji [University of Kentucky] Remote: Constraining the Photoionization Models With a Reprojected Optical Diagnostic Diagram
11/23/20 Sinclaire Manning [UT Austin] Remote: A dominant population of optically invisible massive galaxies in the early Universe
11/30/20 Nicolas Garavito-Camargo [University of Arizona] Remote: Quantifying the impact of the Large Magellanic Cloud on the structure of the Milky Way's dark matter halo using Basis Function Expansions
12/07/20 Andreia Carrillo  [UT Austin] Remote: The VIRUS-P Exploration of Nearby Galaxies (VENGA): The stellar populations and assembly of NGC 2903's bulge, bar, and outer disc
12/14/20 Duo Xu [UT Austin] Remote: Application of Convolutional Neural Networks to Identify Protostellar Outflows in CO Emission