Galread Extragalactic Discussion Group

When:  Monday every week
Time:   11am-Noon
Format: Remote for Spring 2021

Each week, we hold a relatively informal seminar/discussion series with an emphasis on extra-galactic and large-scale structure astrophysics.
During Galread a leader/visitor presents a recent paper to the discussion group. The PDF of the paper is projected onto a large screen, and a guest explains the paper, section by section, in greater detail than may be explained within the text of the article. To aid with discussion, only the article PDF is presented -- no powerpoint-style slides. Galread discussions are very friendly and interactive.

If you would like to present at Galread, please contact Meng Gu ([at]  or Jenny Greene (jgreene[at]

Galread Spring 2021 Speaker Schedule
Date Speaker Talk Article Link
1/11/21 Alexa Villaume
University of Waterloo
Spatially Resolved Stellar Spectroscopy of the Ultra-diffuse Galaxy Dragonfly 44. III. Evidence for an Unexpected Star-Formation History
1/25/21 Ben Horowitz Princeton University Optimal combination of cosmological probes for large scale structure reconstruction
2/1/21 Lachlan Lancaster
Princeton University
Stellar Wind Bubbles in Turbulent Clouds: A Fractal Theory Validated with Hydrodynamic Simulations TBA
2/8/21 Chandler Osborne
Indiana University Bloomington
CANDELS Meets GSWLC: Evolution of the Relationship Between Morphology and Star Formation Since z = 2
2/22/21 Yuan-Sen Ting
Institute for Advanced Study
How many elements matter?
3/1/21 Ivanna Escala
Carnegie Observatories
Chemical Abundance Properties of M31's Inner Stellar Halo from Resolved Stellar Spectroscopy
3/8/21 ChangHoon Hahn
Princeton University
The Empirical Dust Attenuation Framework — Taking Hydrodynamical Simulations with a Grain of Dust TBA
3/15/21 Shmuel Bialy  CfA Harvard University The far-UV Interstellar Radiation Field in Galactic Disks: Numerical and Analytic Models
3/22/21 Grace Telford Rutgers University Mass-to-light Ratios of Spatially Resolved Stellar Populations in M31
3/29/21 Emily Cunningham
CCA Flatiron Institute
Quantifying the Stellar Halo's Response to the LMC's Infall with Spherical Harmonics
4/5/21 Sameer
Penn State University
Cloud-by-cloud, multiphase, Bayesian modeling: Application to four weak, low ionization absorbers
4/12/21 Daniel DeFelippis  Columbia University A Comparison of Circumgalactic MgII Absorption between the TNG50 Simulation and the MEGAFLOW Survey
4/19/21 Sukanya Chakrabarti
Rochester Institute of Technology
A Measurement of the Galactic Plane Mass Density from Binary Pulsar Accelerations
4/26/21 Sijie (Anna) Yu UC Irvine The bursty origin of the Milky Way thick disc
5/3/21 Joel Leja Penn State University A New Census of the 0.2 < z < 3.0 Universe. I. The Stellar Mass Function
5/10/21 cancelled cancelled cancelled
5/17/21 Allison Strom  Princeton University CECILIA (Chemical Evolution Constrained using Ionized Lines in Interstellar Aurorae)
5/24/21 Meng Gu Princeton University The Stellar Initial Mass Function in the Center of Massive Early-Type Galaxies TBA
6/7/2021 ChangHoon Hahn
Princeton University
The Probabilistic Value-Added Catalog for the DESI Bright Galaxy Survey

6/14/21 Charlotte Olsen Rutgers University Star Formation Histories from SEDs and CMDs Agree: Evidence for Synchronized Star Formation in Local Volume Dwarf Galaxies over the Past 3 Gyr
6/21/21 Bhawna Motwani Columbia University Insights into star formation conditions from spatially-resolved ISM properties in TNG50
6/28/21 Martin Rey Lund University How cosmological merger histories shape stellar haloes
7/12/21 cancelled cancelled  
8/2/21 Adrian Price-Whelan Flatiron Institute Using Element Abundances to Map Orbits and Mass in the Milky Way
8/9/21 Sarah Pearson New York University The Hough Stream Spotter: A new Method for Detecting Linear Structure in Resolved Stars and Application to the Stellar Halo of M31
8/16/21 Andreia Carrillo UT Austin The detailed chemical abundance patterns of accreted halo stars from the optical to infrared TBA
8/23/21 Enia Xhakaj UC Santa Cruz Beyond Mass: Detecting Secondary Halo Properties with Galaxy-Galaxy Lensing

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