Galread Extragalactic Discussion Group

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When:  Monday every week
Time:   11am-Noon
Where: Grand Central, Peyton Hall

Each week, we hold a relatively informal seminar/discussion series in Peyton Hall with an emphasis on extra-galactic and large-scale structure astrophysics.
During Galread a leader/visitor presents a recent paper to the discussion group. The PDF of the paper is projected onto a large screen, and a guest explains the paper, section by section, in greater detail than may be explained within the text of the article. To aid with discussion, only the article PDF is presented -- no powerpoint-style slides. Galread discussions are very friendly and interactive.

If you would like to present at Galread, please contact Andy Goulding (goulding[at] or Jenny Greene (jgreene[at]

Our current list of speakers for this semester is below.

Date Speaker   Title Article Link
1/22/18 Elinor Medezinski (Princeton) Testing the Large-Scale Environments of Cool-core and Non cool-core Clusters with Clustering Bias
1/29/18 Johnny Greco (Princeton) Canceled  
2/5/18 Sally Heap (Goddard) The CETUS UV space telescope: partner to survey telescopes of  the 2020's N/A (talk)
2/12/18 Masayuki Tanaka (NAOJ) Missing satellites outside of the local group see email
2/19/18 Masafusa Onoue (NAOJ) Studies of low luminosity quasars at z>6 based on wide-field surveys of the Subaru telescope see email
2/26/18 Johnny Greco (PU; rescheduled) Spectroscopic and photometric study of two diffuse dwarf galaxies in the field see email

Previous Speakers:
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