Extrasolar Planet Discussion Group

What:  Extrasolar Planet Discussion Group
When:  Mondays, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Format: Hybrid Meetings
Schedule: Speaker schedule link here

This is an informal hour long meeting during which we discuss recent results in the field of exoplanets, with occasional forays into stellar astrophysics and planetary sciences as well. While most weeks are devoted to a discussion of recent papers, several times each semester we also host talks on these topics by visitors. All are invited to attend, and we especially encourage anyone, including students, working in the field of exoplanets to come to these meetings.

To receive further emails related to exoplanet research at Princeton, please subscribe to the [email protected] mailing list by signing up at https://mail.astro.princeton.edu/mailman/listinfo/exoplanets

If you know of any visitors to the department who would like to give a presentation on their research related to exoplanets, please contact  Joel Hartman