COMPutational AStrophysics Seminar (COMPASS) (Lewis 347)

When:  Mondays (when scheduled)
Time:   4:30pm - 6:00pm
Where: Lewis Library, Vis Lab (Room 347)

We discuss computational astrophysics methods and applications.  This workshop/tutorial-style seminar is geared toward students and post-docs, but all are welcome.
Food is provided.

The Spring 2018 organizers are Christina Kreisch <ckreisch[AT]>, Luke Bouma <luke[AT]>, Lachlan Lancaster <lachlanl[AT]>, and Goni Halevi <ghalevi[AT]>

Current schedule:

Date Speaker Title
Jan. 16 Jim Bosch (Princeton) TBD
Feb. 5 Dan Foreman-Mackey (CCA) TBD
Mar. 12 David Hogg (CCA) TBD
Apr. 2 Joel Hartman (Princeton) TBD
Apr. 9 Phil Hopkins (CalTech) TBD
May 14 Megan Bedell (CCA) TBD
May 21 Daniel Lecoanet (Princeton) TBD