Astroplasmas Seminar (DR)

When:  Fridays every week
Time:   12:30pm - 2:00pm
Where: Dome Room (Room 201), Peyton Hall
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Each week, we hold a seminar/discussion series in Peyton Hall's Dome Room (room 201) covering a wide range of topics in plasma astrophysics and high energy astrophysics.
Our current list of speakers for this semester is below.

The abstracts can be found here.

Date Speaker   Title
02/15/19 Joel Dahlin (NASA Goddard) Particle Acceleration Mechanisms during Magnetic Reconnection
03/01/19 Noemie Globus (NYU & CCA) On the Origin of the UHECR Dipole Anisotropy
03/25/19 Giannandrea Inchingolo (Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, Portugal) Fully Kinetic effects in collisionless magnetorotational instability
03/29/19 Max Gronke (UCSB)