Ostriker Symposium

This one-day symposium was held on Saturday, May 13th 9am-5pm in the Peyton Hall lecture theatre (room 145) on the topic of:

“Physics and Galaxy Formation: The influence of Dark Matter Properties, Feedback Processes, and Other Poorly Understood Aspects of the Subject”.

Time Speaker Title
9:00 am Jim Gunn "Large Optical Surveys and Galaxy Evolution"
9:30 am Rashid Sunyaev "eRosita X-ray and S3 and S4 microwave sky surveys: synergy and competition"
10:00 am Ena Choi "Effects of Wind and Radiation Feedback from AGN on Galaxy Evolution"
11:00 am Renyue Cen  "Negative Effects due to Supernovae and Gravitational Shock Heating"
11:30 am Roger Blandford "Do Black Holes Make Galaxies?"
12:00 pm Scott Tremaine "The so-called final parsec problem"
2:00 pm Jim Peebles "À la recherche du temps perdu, and what's happening now"
2:30 pm David Spergel "Dwarf Galaxies as a Laboratory for Dark Matter"
3:00 pm Paul Steinhardt "Can we rule this idea out?"
4:00 pm Bruce Draine "Young Galaxies: Where Does the Dust Come From?"
4:30 pm Chris McKee "The Galactic Corona"
5:00 pm Eve Ostriker "Towards a quantitative physical understanding of star formation feedback"
Open to members of Princeton University community, colleagues and friends of Jerry.
Please mark your calendars and plan to join us for what promises to be an interesting and exciting day of science!