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Academic Programs: Polly Strauss 
   (609-258-3803) [email protected]

   Undergraduate Summer Research Program

Classroom, Meeting Rooms, Visitor Offices: [email protected]

Emergencies: 911 (Public Safety)

Public Safety Non-Emergencies: 609-258-1000

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Facilities (Office/Building Issues): Gregory Motta (609-258-3570) & Susan Duncan  (609-258-3804)

General Issues: [email protected]

   Astrophysics - Keith Axsom    (609-258-4667)
   LSST, Vera Rubin Angela Lewis (609-258-0720)
   Plasma Physics - Kristie Lindsey (609-243-3623)
   Space Physics - Kristen Seith (609-258-3354
   Grant Primer (pdf)

Page Charges:  Gregory Motta  (609-258-3570)

Photocopier & Fax Repairs:  Gregory Motta  (609-258-3570)

Postdoc Matters:  Mindy Lipman  (609-258-3801)

Public Outreach:  [email protected]

   General (<$5000) Gregory Motta  (609-258-3570)
   Major  (≥$5000)    Susan Duncan  (609-258-3804)
   Space Physics - Dan White, Lydia Rojek
   Computer - [email protected]......

Travel Assistance:
   Student Travel: Gregory Motta  (609-258-3570
   Postdoc Travel: Mindy Lipman (609-258-3801)
   Faculty Travel: Mami Akiyama  (609-258-9954)
   Guest Travel Reimbursement: Mami Akiyama   (609-258-9954)

Visitor Apartments: [email protected]

Visitor Offices: [email protected]

Webmaster:  Stephanie Reif (609-258-8655)

Staff Remote Days

Monday: Keith Axsom

Tuesday: Susan Duncan

Wednesday: Polly Strauss, Leigh Koven, and Angela Lewis

Thursday: Mindy Lipman, Stephanie Reif

Friday: Mami Akiyama, Greg Motta

Department of Astrophysical Sciences,
4 Ivy Lane, Princeton University
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Undergrad/Grad Programs: 609-258-3803 or
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