Requirements for Astrophysics Majors

PREREQUISITES: Students interested in majoring in astrophysics are required to complete the following courses during their 1st and 2nd year

Physics 103 or 105:   Mechanics
Physics 104 or 106:   Electromagnetism
Physics 207:   From Classical to Quantum Mechanics (first offered Fall 2022-23)
Astrophysics 204:      Topics in Modern Astronomy 
Mathematics 103 and 104:   Calculus  
Mathematics 201 or 203 or 218:   Advanced Multivariable Calculus
Mathematics 202 or 204 or 217:   Linear Algebra

REQUIRED COURSES: Eight upper level courses are required for completing an Astro major.

(a) Students should complete at least three of the following five courses:                                           

Astrophysics 301:    General Relativity
Astrophysics 303:    Deciphering the Universe:   Research Methods in Astrophysics
Astrophysics 309/MAE 309/PHY 309/ENE 309:  The Science of Nuclear Energy: Fission and Fusion 
Astrophysics 401:    Cosmology
Astrophysics 403:    Stars and Star Formation

(b) Students should complete three of the following five courses: 

Physics 208:   Principles of Quantum Mechanics
Physics 301:   Thermal Physics
Physics 303:   Advanced Dynamics
Physics 304:   Advanced Electromagnetism
Physics 305:   Quantum Mechanics

(c) Students may select among the following (or other courses) to complete their eight required courses:

Physics 312:   Experimental Physics
Physics 403:   Mathematical Methods of Physics
Physics 405:   Modern Physics I:   Condense-Matter Physics
Physics 406:   Modern Physics II: Nuclear and Elementary Particle Physics
Physics 408:   Modern Classical Dynamics
Mathematics 301/MAE305:   Mathematics in Engineering I (ODE's).
Mathematics 302/MAE306:   Mathematics in Engineering II (OPDE's, complex analysis).
Mathematics 317:   Complex Analysis
Mathematics 327/328:   Differential Geometry
Geology 427:   Introduction to Terrestrial and Planetary Atmospheres
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 341:   Space Flight
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 342:   Space System Design
Other upper-level science or math courses

(d) Other course selections or replacements allowed with departmental approval. 

Recommended Courses in addition to the above:

Computer Science 126:   General Computer Science
Math 309/ORF 309:      Probability and Stochastic Systems
Mechanical and Aerospace Eng. 222:   Mechanics of Fluids