Undergraduate Program

The department offers an outstanding program for astronomy majors at Princeton University.  The program is known for its excellence in research and teaching. Our students carry out three independent research projects, in collaboration with a faculty adviser, on topics that range from planetary science to stars, galaxies, black holes, dark-matter, cosmology,  the early universe, and more. The relatively small size of the department provides a warm and supportive atmosphere, informal and friendly interactions, and a flexible program plan. Our astronomy majors -- typically 15 to 20 students -- have access to some of the most advanced observational and computational facilities in the world for research in astronomy and astrophysics.  Follow the links on the left to find out more about the program.  You can read the latest Undergraduate Women in Physics (UWiP) newsletter by clicking here.

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Neta A. Bahcall, Eugene Higgins Professor of Astronomy

Neta Bahcall with Undergradute Students circa 2016
Neta with Graduating Seniors

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137 Peyton Hall
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