Current & Former Postdoctoral Fellows

Current & Former Lyman Spitzer, Jr. Fellows

Wenbin Lu
Chris Spalding
Sarah Millholland
Kassandra Anderson
Daniel Tamayo
Brandon Hensley
Jeong-Gyu Kim (East Asian Core Observatory Association (EACOA) fellowship in NAOJ and KASI
Eric Coughlin (faculty at Syracuse University)
Daniel Lecoanet (researcher at UC Berkeley)
Evan Schneider (faculty at University of Pittsburgh)
Philip Mocz (computational physicist at LLNL)
Maria Petropoulou (faculty at University of Athens)
Massimo Gaspari (researcher at INAF Astrophysics and Space Science Observatory)
Kenta Hotokezaka (faculty at University of Tokyo)
Adrian Price-Whelan (research fellow at CCA Flatiron)
Yajie Yuan (research fellow at CCA Flatiron)
Johan Samsing (astronomer at Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen)
Nick Battaglia (faculty at Cornell University)
Ondrej Pejcha (faculty at Charles University in Prague)
Matthew Kunz (faculty at Princeton University)
Emily Rauscher (faculty at University of Michigan)
Benoît Cerutti (CNRS researcher at IPAG Grenoble)
Omer Bromberg (faculty at Tel Aviv University)
Genevieve Graves (data scientist)
Renée Hlozek (faculty at University of Toronto)
Kendrick Smith (faculty at Perimeter Institute)
Stephanie Tonnesson (research scientist at Flatiron Institute)
Dimitrios Giannios (faculty at Purdue University)
Argyro Tasitsiomi (public sector)
Aristotle Socrates (data scientist at Voxer)
Mark Krumholz (faculty at Australian National University)
Todd Thompson (faculty at Ohio State University)
Jonathan Tan (faculty at University of Virginia)
Rosalba Perna (faculty at Stony Brook University)
Alin-Daniel Panaitescu (staff at Los Alamos National Laboratory)

Current & Former Henry Norris Russell Fellows

Gudmundur Stefansson
Meng Gu
Vincent Van Eylen (faculty at UCL)
Rachel Bezanson (faculty at University  of Pittsburgh)
Lucianne Walkowicz (astronomer at Adler Planetarium)
Cullen Blake (faculty at University of Pennsylvania)
Mariska Kriek (faculty at University of California, Berkeley)
Michael McElwain (research astrophysicist at GSFC)
Marc Kuchner (research astrophysicist at GSFC)
Michael Brown (faculty at Monash University)
Doug Finkbeiner (faculty at Harvard University)

Current & Former Carnegie - Princeton Fellows

Shany Danieli
Ivanna Escala
Allison Strom
Rachael Beaton
Sean Johnson (researcher at University of Michigan)
Gwen Rudie (staff astronomer at Carnegie Observatories)
Drew Newman (staff astronomer at Carnegie Observatories)
José Prieto (faculty at Universidad Diego Portales, Chile)
Mansi Kasliwal (faculty at California Institute of Technology)
Richard Cool (assistant staff scientist at MMT Observatory)
Jenny Greene (faculty at Princeton University)
Juna Kollmeier (astronomer at Carnegie Observatories)
Inese Ivans (faculty at University of Utah)
Edo Berger (faculty at Harvard University)
Alicia Soderberg (faculty at Harvard University)

Current and Former Princeton/Flatiron Fellows

Chris White
Bart Ripperda