How to Apply

Application for Graduate School in Astrophysics

Admission to graduate school takes place once a year, with an application deadline of December 15.  All applications to all departments at Princeton are submitted online.

Your application consists of:

  • The filled-in application form
  • Your academic transcript(s) (*see below for notice regarding COVID-19)
  • Your general and subject (physics) GRE test results (*see below for notice regarding COVID-19)
  • Where relevant, your TOEFL results
  • Your personal statement
  • Three letters of recommendation from your referees, which must be submitted online
  • Any other supporting materials (published papers, etc) that you wish to submit
  • Your application fee (or request for a fee waiver).

Please note the following:

  • We do not want the application fee be a significant barrier to applying. The process to request a waiver is straightforward, and most requests are granted.
  • 'There are no "cut-offs" on grades, GRE scores, etc. 
  • All applications will be read completely and carefully.

*Recognizing that the COVID-19 pandemic has led to major disruption in the lives of students everywhere, our Department has decided to make the following exceptions to our usual admissions policies:

  • We will assume that any decision to take a course with "pass/fail" grading in Spring 2020 was made for reasons unrelated to the student's academic ability.
  • For the 2020/21 graduate admissions cycle, submitting GRE scores will be optional.  This is a one-year-only exception.