Graduate Program

The department hosts one of the top graduate programs in astronomy and astrophysics, and was ranked #1 in the country in a recent National Academy Report. Students have access to cutting-edge computational facilities in the department and on campus, and to involvement in several exciting observational projects, among them the Atacama Cosmology Telescope, the Subaru Hyper-SuprimeCam survey, the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope, the Subaru SEEDS and CHARIS exoplanet searches, and the HAT transiting planet search. Students have a great deal of freedom to choose their research projects and areas, and work directly with the faculty in our lively and congenial department. Follow the links at the left to find out more.

Director of Graduate Studies
and Graduate Admissions:

Joshua Winn
Professor of Astrophysical Sciences

Office Location: 
125 Peyton Hall