Graduate Program

Our Department hosts one of the top graduate programs in astronomy and astrophysics in the world.  The most recent Assessment of Doctoral Programs by the National Academy of Sciences ranked Princeton as #1 overall, #1 in Research Activity, and #1 in Student Support and Outcomes.  Students have a great deal of freedom to pursue research projects using theoretical, computational, and observational approaches.  Students work directly with the faculty from the moment they arrive in our lively and congenial Department.  They have access to cutting-edge computational facilities, and involvement in many exciting observational projects including the Simons Observatory, the Subaru Hyper-SuprimeCam survey, the Rubin Observatory, and the HAT-PI variability survey.

Director of Graduate Studies
and Graduate Admissions:

Joshua Winn
Professor of Astrophysical Sciences

Office Location: 
125 Peyton Hall
E-mail: [email protected]