Declaring an Astrophysics Major

We provide below information for students who are interested in declaring Astrophysics as their concentration.

The Astrophysics program ranks top in the country. It provides an outstanding opportunity for students who are interested in exploring the mysteries of our Universe — from extra-solar planets, to stars, galaxies, dark matter and dark energy, black-holes, the expanding Universe, the Big-Bang and the early Universe. The relatively small size of the department provides a warm and supportive atmosphere, informal and friendly interactions, and a flexible program. Our astrophysics majors -- typically 15 to 25 students -- have access to some of the most advanced observational and computational facilities in the world for research in astronomy and astrophysics.

For Information about the Undergraduate Major's Program see:

For Course Requirements for Astrophysics Majors see:

This page provides information about how to declare your Astro major.
   Students who wish to concentrate in Astrophysics should follow these steps:

   1. If you have questions about the Astrophysics Major:
      Please email Prof. Neta Bahcall ([email protected]), the Director of the Undergraduate Program in Astrophysics, as soon as possible (either before or after you declare your concentration) with any questions you may have about the Astro program.

   2. Declare your concentration in TigerHub when the declaration period opens.

   3. Email Prof. Neta Bahcall ([email protected]) either before or after you declare your Major, in order to finalize your Fall course selection and discuss any further questions about the Astrophysics Major.  The typical Fall courses for an Astro Major would be AST 301 or 303 (whichever is offered that Fall) and PHY 301, and any additional courses of your choice.  Please complete the Departmental Academic Planning Form (DAPF) online, preferably before your discussion with Prof. Bahcall  (it can be changed later as needed.)  

   4. Register on TigerHub for the courses approved above.

Welcome to the Astro Program!