Thunch (Room 33)

Talks happen in Peyton 33, Thursdays at 12:15. They are rather informal, so leave time for questions throughout. Talks are at most ~50 minutes, including questions.

Most importantly, attendees are supposed to eat lunch throughout the talk! From this old tradition comes the name.

Upcoming Speakers

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Fall 2019 Schedule:

Sep. 26:   Casey Lisse (Johns Hopkins)

Oct.   3:    Nir Mandelker (Yale)

Oct. 10:    Evgeni Grishin (Israel Institute of Technology)

Oct. 17:    Anowar Shajib (UCLA)

Oct. 24:    Alexa Villaume (Princeton)

Nov.   7:    Shany Danieli (Yale)

Nov. 21:    Ashley Villar (Harvard CFA)

Dec.   5:    Marina Kounkel (2-3pm / Western Washington University)

Dec. 12:    Nia Imara (Harvard CFA)

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