The following visitors will be visiting us this week:

October 24 (mon) Galread Speaker 

  • Joseph Burchett from University of Massachusetts
    (Room 105A) - Host/Andy Goulding       

October 24 (mon) Cosmo Speaker 

  • Cora Uhlemann from Institute for Theoretical Physics, Utrecht University
    (Room 105A) - Host/Nick Battaglia

October 26 (wed) Colloquium Speaker 

  • Matthew McQuinn from University of Washington & IAS
    (Room 105A) - Host/Yusra AlSayyad

October 26 (wed) to October 28 (fri) SFIR Speaker

  • Miao Li from Columbia University 
    (Room 107) - Host/Ji-Ming Shi

October 27 (thu) Thunch Speaker

  • Erez Michaely from Technion – Israel Institute of technology
    (Room 105A) - Host/Lev Arzamasskly

Sept 28 (wed) to Oct 24 (mon)

  • Omer Bromberg from Tel Aviv University/Wise Observatory (Room 205) - Host/Anatoly Spitkovsky

If you have a visitor coming about whom we may not already know, please let know.  Thank you!