The following visitors will be visiting us Mar. 27 – Apr. 6:

March 27 (mon) Galread Speaker

  • Shy Genel from Center for Computational Astrophysics, Flatiron Institute
    (Room 105A) – Host/Andy Goulding

March 27 (mon) to March 28 (tues) Cosmo Lunch Speaker

  • Alex van Engelen from Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics
    (Room 105A) – Host/Nick Battaglia

March 27 (mon) to March 30 (thurs) Princeton/IAS Colloquium Speaker

  • Jessica Lu from UC Berkeley
    (Room 103A) – Hosts/Jenny Greene & Peter Melchior

March 20 (mon) to April 6 (thurs)

  • Kengo Tomida from Osaka University, Japan
    (Room 205) – Host/ Jim Stone

March 24 (fri ) to March 31 (fri)

  • Tomihiro Ono from Kyoto University, Japan
    (Room205) – Host/ Jim Stone

If you have a visitor coming about whom we may not already know, please let know.  Thank you!


Jean-Loup Puget

Jean-Loup Puget
Distinguished Visitor
Université Paris-Sud,  Paczynski Visitor,  Spring 2017

David Wilner

David Wilner
Distinguished Visitor
Harvard CfA,  Spitzer Lecturer,  May 1-12, 2017